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Co Louth Photographer
Capturing Ireland's Beauty & Memories

From the heart of Lithuania to various corners of Ireland, I've been chronicling life's moments since 2005. Now based in Co Louth since 2012, I offer specialized photography services in family portraits, children's snapshots, and landscape photography. Fluent in four languages including Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, and English, I bring a unique global perspective to every shot.

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Discover Ireland's beauty and the intimate moments of families through my lens. Ready for your own photoshoot? Book a session today.

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Featured Portolios 

Discover the essence of Co Louth and beyond in my diverse photography collections. From festive celebrations and intimate family moments to the radiant glow of expecting mothers and the first glimpses of newborn life. Explore portrait sessions that capture individual elegance, relive enchanting wedding days, and dive into the playful world of kids' captures. Every category reflects a unique facet of life's journey, meticulously preserved through my lens.

Louth's Festive Christmas Moments

Experience the holiday magic in Co Louth, with twinkling lights, exuberant festivities, and time-honored traditions captured flawlessly.

Louth Christmas Photography

Louth Family Photography

Delve into the essence of family in Co Louth, capturing moments filled with genuine love, laughter, and shared memories.

Family Photos in Louth

Sacred Event Celebrations in Louth

Relive life's pivotal milestones, from christenings to birthdays in Co Louth, preserving the heart of every cherished event.

Louth Event Celebrations

Louth's Playful Kids Photography

Venture into the spirited world of children in Co Louth, where every glance and giggle is a story waiting to be told.

Kids Portraits in Louth

Maternity Portraits in Louth

Celebrate the mesmerizing journey of motherhood in Co Louth, capturing the anticipation, joy, and radiant glow of expectant mothers.

Maternity Photography Louth

Newborn Photography in Louth

Witness the delicate firsts of life's newest additions in Co Louth, from peaceful slumbers to heartwarming stretches.

Newborn Sessions Louth

Expressive Adult Portraiture in Louth

Unveil the depth and nuances of character in Co Louth, where each portrait tells a tale of life, experience, and individuality.

Expressive Adult Portraiture

Wedding Photography

Embark on love stories in Co Louth, from intimate vows to celebratory dances, encapsulating the magical union of couples.

Enchanting Wedding Stories

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